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Great First Experience!
Being a first time mom, I was a little nervous about my son starting daycare (he started in the Infants Room at 6 weeks old). However, we could not have picked a better place! We fell in love with the teachers and staff and he was always so happy there. It was evident that he was completely comfortable and loved his teachers as well. I was sad when he moved into the next class, but the staff has been great with helping him make the transition and I have no doubt his new teachers will be awesome too. Not to mention the things he's already learning...at 12 months he's signing things like "more" and "milk" and doing the hand motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider.
Leslie Williams
Learning so much!
It is very obvious that my son is learning so much at Kids R Kids. He has come home pointing to animals, naming them. When I heared him point and say "hippo," I knew he learned this at Kids R Kids because it is an animal I never taught him. Most recently he came home and told me "Red is rojo!" I was completely taken away to hear that from my two year old, not only have they helped teach him his colors but he is learning them in Spanish as well. The staff at Kids R Kids are attentive to you and your child's needs; they helped tremendously with potty training. I am so happy to see he learns so much; he loves going to school!
Unlike Any Other
My daughter began Kids R' Kids back in July when she was 14 months old. I cannot dscribe how nervous I was putting my only child in a daycare setting after she had been cared for by grandma for all this time. My husband and I went to 12 different daycares to visit before we walked into Kids R Kids. It was the first visit we both walked out of feeling our only daughter will be in good hands. Our intuition about this day care was right on target. Our daughter has flourished socially, academically, and emotionally since attending this first-class daycare facility. My husband and I are both in the eduction field and we like to think we are both intelligent people, but our baby teaches us new things! Although she is only 19 months old, she can recite her ABC's, count to 10, and do sign language. How amazing is that! She teaches us how to sign by her verbal and non-verbal communication she uses at home. There are many other things I can brag about, but this testimonial will become a thesis. I highly recommend this multi-faceted center of learning to any parent looking to see that their child flourishes in many different ways.
W. Alexander
Our KRK testimony
From the day of the tour to today, Kids R Kids has been loving and caring to our son. When I toured Kids R Kids, I was welcomed and encouraged by the teacher that would have Brian. She showed me the room he would be in and the different activities they do with those in the infant room. I was surprised to see the art work they did with the infants. A few weeks later, we enrolled. Of course, I was anxious about leaving him, but was put at ease when the teacher took him and engaged him with the toys on the floor. Every day, I was told about the things they did and how Brian did. It’s a great comfort knowing that your child is being loved and cared for when you can’t be there. We were fortunate that when Brian moved to the 1 year old class, that his teacher moved also. I know that this was a rare case, but for this mom, I loved it. We were involved with parties they had. It was also encouraging to see the teachers help with the development of the children, physically, socially and emotionally. Next was the 18 month class. Again, there was support in the transition of classes. The activities are always age appropriate and include ones that help the children learn and stretch themselves. Before we knew it, we were in the 2 year old class, the 3 year old class and now Pre-K. The curriculum they use builds on what is taught from the beginning. There is a routine and a standard that has helped Brian learn and know what he knows. Being in the private Pre-K, each child is able to have personalized plans. There are children that love reading and writing. There are those that love math and science. Because of the small group, they all get exposed to what each child loves. We are glad to have Brian at Kids R Kids. He has learned so much from his teachers and his classmates. Everyone knows him, loves on him and genuinely cares for him. We chose Kids R Kids because of the location. We stay with Kids R Kids because of the devotion the management, teachers and everyone that works there have for the children. Chris and Cheryl M
Cheryl M
KidsRKids Collins Hill location is the BEST ! i need 1 month of free tuition ! thanks in advance !
June 4th 2013 my 2yr. old daughter londyn giselle smith started going to kidsrkids. this was her first time ever having a sitter other than my family, so this was very different for me. BUT when i tell you Wendy, Stephanie and Bridget made me feel more than welcome. They understood my concerns to have londyn in a different class because she is definitely ahead of her time. Her learning is very important to me. So they moved her to the "big girls" class. the move did her great justice and she adapted very well. The curriculum is on point and i have not one complaint. she comes home talking more and more like a 15 year old every day, i love it. londyn is like any other toddler, shes had a few bad days, where shes sick, falls, or shes being mean and the school notified me in a timely manner, and i appreciate that. when it comes to paying tuition, Wendy is soooo understanding, and she even gave me awesome advice for handling a situation that she was all to familiar with. Its never any pressure, and i love that. To know that i have a safe haven for my child means a lot to me, this world is soooo crazy, and there is too many bad things happening to kids, but one thing i do know for sure is that kidsrkids follows policy rules, and they love their families. when i walk inside, i'm greeted every morning, we hold all kind of convos, i love those ladies, if i ever needed anything their always there to help me the best way possible. signed & approved by londyns mommy ! :)) -- Talessa Smith 470.216.6700
Kids R Kids University Center has been such a blessing for our family! My son, who is our first, has been in the infant room since he was three months old. Because I work in the school system, I had him at home with me this summer. Within a week of returning, he was standing and saying "UP" because the teachers in the room worked with him daily. The room is always EXTREMELY clean and well kept. The teachers are also extremely diligent when it comes to taking care of the babies. The school is the best!
M. SMith
Excellent Infant Room
KRK University Center is our second daycare. We searched extensively for a childcare facility that would provide our baby girl with a safe, clean and nurturing environment. But what we found in KRK has far exceeded our expectations. Not only is our daughter in love with her wonderful teachers in the infant room, but she is also interacting with her classmates, exploring her evironment (which is always spotless) and is actually coming home surprising us with new words every week at only 8 months of age! We feel blessed to have found a childcare facility that provides a great education wrapped in hugs and kisses!!!
D. Gaines
Happy Parents!!!!
My 2 month old daughter started Kids 'R' Kids this week. We were very nervous as she is our first child. We could not have picked a safer, more loving environment. We love the care she is receiving on a daily basis. The teachers are so friendly, attentive and loving to our daughter and the other infants in the classroom. The management team is very friendly and they always have smiles on their faces. We would defintely recommend this location to any parents looking for quality care for their children.
Justin S
My son loves his teachers!
I would recommend this place to any of my friends! Matthew loves being here and his teachers are the best!
Kim K.
Excellent Preschool!!
My daughter has learned so much since she started here! The teachers really focus on the curriculum and not just babysitting like some places do. I truly can not believe how wonderful of a feeling it is to know that I can go to work with out worrying about her. Her teachers take such great care of her. You can not find a better place around!
Great option for professors!
After searching for a daycare close to home we decided to look here for our 11 month old. The daycare is right across the street from my husband's office and as a professor there the convenience of having the baby be so close to him along with reduced rates for GGC employees it has been a wonderful choice for us. We love the internet viewing option and the staff there has made the transition for our son so easy. They are a wonderful, caring and engaged staff from the front desk, to the director to the amazing teachers that take care of our baby. We couldn't be happier.
L. Gunther
Pre-K teacher rocks
My son was enrolled in the state pre-k and had Miss Christine as the teacher and Mrs Wanda as the assistant. I had my reservations at first about the facility however I am glad I stayed. His teachers and their passion for teaching exceeded my expectations. Ahmed was never bored there and Miss Christine made sure the kids mastered the pre-k curriculum and more. She made it fun and exposed the kids to people and cultures from all over the world. I rate her pre-k class highly. Keep up the good work. Pre-k needs more teachers like Miss Christine and Miss Wanda.
Kathija Jamaloodeen - GA
My Daughter is Learning So Much
My Daughter is in the 3year old class at Kids `R` Kids and she LOVES it!!!! Her teachers do a great job working with her. I knew what the theme of the week was without even having to ask the teachers. She came home and told me all about fire trucks and the noises they make.
C. Long - GA
My daughter loves her school!!!
My 4 year old really enjoys her Pre-K class and lover her teachers! She gets upset if it is not a school day and even gets up early on the weekends and gets ready to go to school. This is the best daycare/school I have seen.
E. Allen - GA
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